Integrated Electrophoresis Systems

Welcome to Galileo Bioscience  

The staff of Galileo Bioscience have over a guarter of a century of experience producing the highest quality electrophoresis devices on the market.


Compare our units and see for yourself the guality and value Galileo has to offer.




Follow the links to see our complete line of integrated electrophoresis systems. Including our efficient "no tape required" casting systems. We also feature semi-dry and tank blotting systems; and a wide range of PAGE systems for efficient protein separation.




Galileo Bioscience also features a wide range of gel trays, combs, casters and glass plates suitable for use in Galileo, as well asOwl and Fisher electrophoresis devices.




Galileo now features quality electrophoresis reagents from High Desert Bioscience. These reagents offer outstanding quality and value for the researcher.

And visit our nav links to see all the other quality products available from Galileo Bioscience.